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First and foremost I wanna thank those who choose to follow my blog. Secondly, before anyone tries to correct me, I prefer an "I" instead of an "E" in my name. Also "I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES I BLOG, NOR DO I HAVE THE DESIRE TO CLAIM ANYONE'S WORK AS MY OWN". If it is my own art and poetry I will obviously let you all know. I try to source as much as possible, there are times I can't so I leave it blank. If you know a source, please let me know so I can credit the artist. I usually blog to my state of mind and how I am feeling at that moment. It does change often, as does my thoughts/feelings. I do not give a fuck of others opinions of me. My blog explains what it is I am into. If it is on my blog, then that is what I like. My blog is simply me. I have always walked the left hand path and I like odd numbers. I'm Mysterious, and a pretty closed off person, but have no problem to tell fuckers to fuck off when it is due. I speak the truth....Any questions, you all know what to do, Just be yourself.

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